Texas Chamber of Commerce Week

Texas Chamber of Commerce Week

The Unseen Work of the Chamber

Renee Earls, President/CEO
Odessa Chamber of Commerce

In almost every community across Texas, the United States and around the world, you can find a Chamber of Commerce going about its work each day serving business and the community at large. Many citizens know the local chamber as the organization that cuts the ribbon of a new business in town or the group that holds the shovels for the groundbreaking of a new business expansion or development. Some may know the chamber as the volunteers that coordinate local events and monthly networking opportunities.

Chambers of Commerce reach virtually every corner of every community. What you may not know is theunseen work of our Chamber. In the moments when no one is watching, Chamber professionals and volunteer leaders are working to create an environment of prosperity and a place that people love to call home. The Odessa Chamber of Commerce does all this - and more!

Since its inception in 1934, the Odessa Chamber of Commerce staff and volunteers work alongside education professionals to create and support scholars and eventually highly-skilled, qualified workers to serve as future employees for businesses in the community. From pre-kindergarten through advanced degrees and certifications, the Odessa Chamber is working for opportunities for all.

The Odessa Chamber serves as an advocate locally, statewide and federally to ensure that our community receives projects, funding, and completion of necessary road enhancements, improvements and mobility. Odessa Chamber staff and volunteers work with lawmakers to maintain a regulatory system that allows business to thrive and the local economy to grow with a watchful eye on public safety and the consideration of
all people.

The Odessa Chamber works with local transportation organizations and experts to assure planning and funding for future infrastructure to prepare for population growth for decades to come. Whether it is access to healthcare, a new turn signal, early childhood education, the development of a new business, connecting people through networking opportunities, leadership development or attracting and assisting visitors to the community, the Chamber is there working, connecting, advocating, and serving. We proudly serve 800 local businesses representing more than 26,000 employees. A big thank you to those of you who support the Odessa Chamber through your memberships, sponsorships and volunteer time. We are strong and successful due to the many leaders and volunteers who work alongside us each and every day, assuring that Odessa’s future is bright.

Texas Chamber of Commerce Week (October 21-25, 2019) is a celebration of the contributions and dedication of Chambers of Commerce and the professional staff they represent. Take a moment to stop by our office at the Odessa Chamber for a visit to find out how you can get involved. Allow us to tell you about our many areas of focus and see how or where you might fit as a member and volunteer. As a community, we are better when we all work together!




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