Ronnie Jones

Ronnie Jones, owner of Jones Bros. Dirt & Paving Contractors, Inc. found his passion at an early age. While attending Bonham Jr. High, Jones began working summers for Jones Bros. After graduating from Permian High School, Jones dove into the business, and began working full-time for the construction company.

Jones Bros. Dirt & Paving was started by Barney (B.R.) Jones and Earl (E.N.) Jones in 1952. Soon after, their four brothers joined, R.L Slim Jones, Bobby Jones, JW (Curly) Jones and Troy Jones. Following their involvement with the business, Jones Bros. took off and remains a successful business 64 years later. Today, Jones Bros. employs 300 individuals, many of which are second and third generation employees.

Jones Bros. is a divine example of a tradition that has stands strong in Odessa. It continues to uphold the values it established centuries ago, and serves its customers with the upmost respect and concern. Ronnie Jones and his wife Kathy have been married for 12 years. Jones has two children: Scott Jones and Rea Storie, and five beautiful grandchildren.