Mickey Olliff

Mickey Olliff began his career with Tripple M Oil Tool, Inc. as a parts-counter clerk in 1959. By working diligently over the next decade, Olliff raised the funds to buy a partnership interest for $150,000. By 1985, Olliff had completed the buyout of his partner to become Tripple M’s sole owner.

“Tripple M was started by three men who could not spell triple,” Mickey explains. The young Tripple M quickly proved a trailblazer in more than just spelling. It was the first company in Odessa to manufacture pressure-holding rubber products for the oilfield. With Mickey at the helm since the 1970s, Tripple M’s product line has expanded and its sales have multiplied to over $5 million per year.

Mickey also ran JON Distributing for over a decade, which supplied spices to Lowe’s grocery stores in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Mickey is married to Denise Ann. He has two children, two grandchildren, and one great grandchild. Locally, Mickey volunteered with Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and now with Bible Baptist Church. He also lends a hand internationally, helping with financial support to missions in South America, Mexico, Germany, and Russia.