Chris Kyle Memorial

About the Chris Kyle Memorial

The 2,800 square foot Chris Kyle Memorial Plaza is composed of granite and Texas limestone, and will be located adjacent to the Veterans’ Clinic on the property of Medical Center Hospital on S.H. 191.  Our limited understanding of Chris Kyle and the world of the Navy SEALS is one of teamwork and humbleness.  While this monument will be centered around honoring Chris, when you look at the plans for the overall site, you will see that it initially appears as one open plaza with the sculpture of Chris in the center.  However, upon careful inspection, you will see that it will actually be 3 plazas, interlinked, with the sculpture of Chris in the central plaza.  He will be flanked on either side by individual plazas that represent his unmentioned team members and all of those other unnamed SEALS that gave their lives for our country.   The limestone paving will be cut from a quarry near his birthplace of Odessa, Texas.  The paving will be inlaid with three tridents, the weapon of the mythical Greek god of the oceans, Neptune and one of the symbols of the SEAL community. The three tridents will be in remembrance of Chris and the other unknown SEALS.  It should also be mentioned that Chris served with SEAL Team 3.

The plaza features low memorial walls of polished black granite that will double as seating spaces for those wanting to pause and contemplate.  The low walls will have a slightly angled face so that the visitor can not only see the engravings of Chris’s medals, tours of duty, and accomplishments – but can also catch a glimpse of their own face, reflecting in the mirrored granite.  The intention was to get the visitor to understand the actions of Chris, the SEAL community, and the overall military also reflect upon those of us at home.

The site aslo features the Texas and United States flags, which will be automatically raised and lowered every day at sunrise or sunset.  It will be handicap accessible with nearby parking, and will be shaded by Texas live oak trees from the ranch of George W. Bush.

If you would like to make a donation to the Chris Kyle Memorial, please fill out the Chris Kyle Memorial Donation Form. Return your completed form and payment to:

The Odessa Community Foundation, Inc.
c/o The Odessa Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 3626
Odessa, Texas 79760

You may also donate online by clicking the donate button below, which will take you to the page for the Odessa Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation.