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Chamber of Commerce Membership - A Great Business Investment

Renee’ Earls, President/CEO
Odessa Chamber of Commerce

The Permian Basin economy is alive and well! Due to the many businesses that support our economy, we as Odessans and West Texans enjoy a great place to live, work and play. One key component is your Odessa Chamber of Commerce. Often behind the scenes, the work of the Chamber helps support and create an environment in which businesses can thrive. There are incredible business benefits of your membership in the Odessa Chamber of Commerce.

While the main mission is to advocate for business, each Chamber is different in how they go about carrying out that mission. Many Chambers focus on social events, where business people come together to network. This is a very valuable benefit, and most Chambers have evolved into offering much more than the basic networking opportunity. Your Odessa Chamber of Commerce is no exception. Since it was formed in 1934, the Odessa Chamber is involved in every arena from business advocacy, economic and community development, education, transportation, workforce development and leadership. The Odessa Chamber promotes local interests to ensure our community has an environment in which our businesses and residents can thrive.

The Odessa Chamber has almost 800 business members and 80% of those are considered small business, which is the backbone of America. Chamber membership is a two-way street. While we serve and advocate on behalf of our members, it’s also important for the business members to work with our Chamber staff to help make their particular services and products known to potential customers. Like anything, you get out what you put in! The best Chamber member is active, involved and visible.

Successful businesses large and small work to ensure they are investing wisely and engaging in organizations and activities that are both productive and yield a good return. Membership in the Odessa Chamber of Commerce is not a “fluff” item in the budget, but rather should be viewed as a necessary tool for all businesses seeking to navigate this highly competitive marketplace. Odessa Chamber membership gives you a competitive edge on a daily basis. We are the voice working for the more than 26,000 employees we represent. A big thank you to
those of you who support the Odessa Chamber through your memberships, sponsorships and volunteer time. We are strong and successful due to the many leaders and volunteers who work alongside us each and every day, assuring that Odessa’s future is bright.

Just like the businesses we represent, the Odessa Chamber is proud to be a member of the Texas Chambers of Commerce, Texas Association of Business and the US Chamber of Commerce. We want to help you reach more customers, improve your bottom line and get involved in this wonderful community we call home. As we celebrate “Chamber of Commerce Week” from October 15th to October 19th, visit us at our office or give us a call and let us help you find ways more to be part of the economic growth and future of Odessa and the Permian Basin!



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