Chamber Board of Directors Votes To Endorse ECISD Bond Propositions

The Board of Directors of the Odessa Chamber of Commerce recently voted to endorse the ECISD Bond Proposal A and Proposal B.  This action came after extensive presentations from ECISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri and Odessans for Education PAC members Lorraine Perryman and Lisa Wyman. 

The Board’s Decision to support these two Bond Proposals was based on in-depth research and findings that resulted in information showing the overwhelming need for support of both of these Proposals.  The Chamber of Commerce Board is well aware of the need for an influx of an upskilled workforce.  Over the past ten years, our community has experienced unparalleled growth.  In addition, several large new companies will soon call Ector County home, requiring employment numbers in the thousands, which will break the previous growth records.  “We must not only prepare our students for the future job needs and demands, but we must also make sure they are fully equipped with the proper skill sets that will be needed by our current and future employers.  That requires repair and upgrades to our aging infrastructure, facilities and technology, as well as providing a state-of-the-art Career & Technical Education Center that will provide our employers with graduates who are career ready.  After all, our students deserve the best and as a community, we must strive for an academic setting of excellence,” said Jim Cox, Chair of the Odessa Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.    

Secondly, our two major High Schools in Odessa are exceedingly overcrowded, depriving our students of a safe, secure and learning atmosphere every student deserves.  Odessa has not built a new high school since 1959 and that does not align with the overall excellence that we feel our students, families and employers should demand.  We are decades past the need for a new high school. 

“Our needs are great.  As time goes on, the price tags to meet these needs increase.   Putting off the inevitable is not going to make it any cheaper.  We must act now and VOTE YES on both propositions.  The students deserve this, our community’s future demands this and our future success depends on this,” added Cox. 

The Chamber Board is comprised of 30 board members, elected by the membership of more than 740 companies and organizations making up more than 27,000 employees.  Election Day is May 7th with early voting starting on April 25th.  We encourage all registered voters to have their voices heard.